Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

Power Integrations offers a range of integrated high-voltage ICs to power Smart Lighting applications. These ICs work with various communication protocols from wireless and wired PWM to wired DALI connectivity. These solutions incorporate power FET, control and protection circuitries on a single chip, enabling customers to design low component count solutions with fast time to market. Efficiency regulators continue to mandate very low standby power. Power Integrations ICs provides the lowest standby power for smart lighting in the market today.

Features include:

  • The flyback solution offers CV/CC or CC capability with high accuracy, enabling multiple output channels without the need of an additional DC/DC converter.
  • The buck solution offers a simple, low component solution for auxiliary or standby power supplies to power the microcontroller and the radio wireless module.

Design Examples for Smart Lighting Applications

DER-74029 W High Power Factor, Isolated Flyback LED Driver with 3-in-1 and DALI Dimming180 – 265 VAC36 V, 800 mAYesLYTSwitch-6
DER-66029 W High Power Factor, Isolated Flyback LED Driver with DALI Dimming Using LYTSwitch-6180 – 265 VAC36 V, 806 mAYesLYTSwitch-6
DER-6469 W, Wide-Range, Isolated Flyback with Switched Valley-Fill, Bluetooth Track Light90 – 265 VAC30 V, 300 mAYesLYTSwitch-6
DER-63012 W, Isolated Flyback Power Supply Using LYTSwitch-6 for a RGBW LED downlight controlled via Casambi BLE module90 – 265 VAC27 V, 450 mAYesLYTSwitch-6
DER-61212 W High Efficiency, High Power Factor, Isolated Design for Smart Lighting90 – 265 VAC30 V, 400 mAYesInnoSwitch-CH
DER-60710 W, 3-way Dimmable Non-Isolated Buck LED Driver90 – 132 VAC50 V, 205 mANonLYTSwitch-1
DER-44230 W Isolated Flyback, 1 – 10 V Analog Dimming LED Driver90 – 132 VAC30 V – 60 V, 0.50 AYesLYTSwitch-4

Design Examples for Auxiliary and Standby Power Supplies

DER-622Two-Wire (No Neutral), Wide-Range, Bluetooth Wall Switch90 – 277 VAC3.3 V / 50 mANonLinkSwitch-TN2
DER-507175 mW Constant Voltage, Universal Input, Non-Isolated Buck Converter85 – 265 VAC5 VNonLinkSwitch-TN2
RDR-5061.44 W Non-Isolated Buck Converter85 – 265 VAC12 VNonLinkSwitch-TN2
DER-5084.75 W Dual Output Power Supply85 – 265 VAC18 V
/5 V
DER-5741.65 W Non-Isolated Tapped Buck Power Supply85 – 265 VAC3.3 VNonLinkSwitch-TN2

Recommended Product Families

IC Product
Typical Circuit
InnoSwitch-CHFlyback10 WOff-Line Flyback CV/CC Switcher IC with Integrated MOSFET, Synchronous Rectification and Feedback
InnoSwitch-EPFlyback15 to 35 WOff-Line CV/CC Flyback Switcher IC with Integrated MOSFET, Sync-Rect and Feedback
LinkSwitch-LPFlybackUp to 3 WPrimary-side regulation (PSR) CV/CC switcher for replacing capacitive drop power supplies
LinkSwitch-TN2BuckUp to 360 mAHighly Energy Efficient Off-line Switcher IC with Integrated System Level Protection for Low Component-Count Power Supplies
LYTSwitch-1Buck22 WHigh power PFC with integrated FET optimized for low power standby and high efficiency
LYTSwitch-4Multi75 WSingle Stage dimmable or non-dimmable multi topology with PFC for isolated or non-isolated
LYTSwitch-6Flyback65 WIsolated, flyback topology with High PF and efficiency

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