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Hello every one!, Can any one tell me how to biulde an LED driver with 10-30V and 0.35A outputs.

the input AC voltage range 190-265VAC.


how can I define the mininum and maximum output voltage range, while in PIExpert there is one input voltage.

is that mean the driver output donnot have output voltage range. 


thank you!! 

Dear sir


a simlest LED Driver u can build with enclosed schmatic(but for your out put voltage you can select TNY ic and Transformer that PI software recommended for u)




There are missing information about your design such as whether you need Power Factor or not, if it's isolated or not. If high PF is not a requirement, then a design based on TNY-III as Mickel has suggested will work. Please see DI-173 for more info. If you use PIXLS with TNY-III, then you only need to put one output voltage since it's a CV/CC controller.