May PI's engineer can help,please

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Hello! I'm the new for PI Expert online,

I have sent a mail to and no anyone replied,so i comment here.

My problem is that one of my project can't be deleted , save as..(figure1) and rename(figure2.)..etc,but when i create a new project, it can do anything what i mentioned,that's weird.

I tried for many times but situation never changed, i don't know how to solve this problem , so may you can help me,please.

Thanks for your support.

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The problem you are experiencing is due to some illegal characters in the file name. (the plus sign in your specific case)
Normally PIExpert does not allow the user to input these characters. You must have downloaded the file, renamed it and then uploaded back into PIExpert.
Our team is working on finding a resolution to this problem.

In the meanwhile, you can still open the design and use the command Save As to name it appropriately. this will allow you to keep working with a legit and fully functioning file.

We'll keep you posted on future development.

Best regards
PI-Star Lord