Package Information

Package Information

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General Information

For tape & reel information and assembly information, please refer to our Package Information Document. Package design specifications can be found in the respective product's data sheet.

For information on moisture sensitivity level (MSL) packaging, see the Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) Packaging Information document.

eSIP Package Information

Power Integrations' new eSIP package has the same low thermal impedance as the traditional TO-220, yet it's only half the height. This is ideal for slimmer electronic products such as LCD monitors, flat screen TVs, and set-top boxes.

For information specifically on our eSIP package, please visit our eSIP Package Information page.

Mounting with Thermal Conducting Adhesives

Thermally conductive adhesives offer a new solution to replace traditional mechanical assembly. These adhesives allow for the permanent assembly of similar and dissimilar substrates and simplify the assembly procedure.

Learn more.

Mounting with Plastic and Metal Clips

Plastic clips offer a low cost mounting option for ICs. The clips are held in place with a screw and work by applying pressure to the front of the package. The stainless steel clip provides a metal option to the plastic clip.

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Green Packaging

Power Integrations is committed to environmental, health and safety excellence and is an industry leader in the removal of hazardous materials from products and manufacturing processes. Power Integrations defines "Green" products as RoHS compliant and Halogen Free according to prescribed limits.

To learn more, see Power Integrations' Green Packaging page.