Need current control circuit

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Can you please help me to design current control circuit for the attached design.
Any inbuilt shutdown happen after 10A drawing the load in the attached design?

TOPSwitch-HX_PIDesign27.pdf425.99 KB

Hi Naveen,

In the design, resistor R8 sets the primary current limit. Resistor R7 & R8 add feedforward function, so throughout the line voltage range input power is constant i.e at a given regulated output voltage, when output current >10A, unit will shutdown and restarts again, if input voltage is within the range. R8 value need to be designed based on the primary reflected load current at minimum input voltage. Since it is based on primary peak current, the current limit tolerance is around +/-20%.
If you need true constant current feature, need to add additional circuits with Top switch family. If it is new design and looking for CV& CC control, suggest to use INNO switch family products.