LNK306DN fusable resistors burning

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I have integrated LNK306DN in our company product. At dev time all worked very well. Device now are in mass production.
Now devices started to come back with burning fusable resistors randomly. After we replace resistors, device works perfectly.

Biggest problem is that I can't simulate problem without burning rest of the components.

My question is what could be the reason for this. Maybe some one come across to similar problem and found solution.

Thank you in advance..

Hi edybond,

Can I ask what are the conditions of the device? What AC Input, low line or high line? Fuse Derating? One reason for the fusible resistor burning is because of high input current. Thank you!


I have the same problem with burning fusable resistor R1 (see schematic diagram) after connecting board to 220V! Can you help me please?
Thank's for advance

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Hi GarikXP,

Can I ask what are the conditions of the device? Is it at startup or normal operation? What happens when you short the fuse?

What fuse are you using? Why is it 100 ohms?? Could it be that the power is high that's why the fuse is burning?