Tuning the DI24 up to 24V - is that possible?

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Dear Forum,
I want to design a 24V/2.5A (output) power supply for an PoE-PD-Frontend.
There will be between 37 V thru 57 V at the input.

I read the design idea "DI-24 - 30 W DC-DC Converter" on https://ac-dc.power.com/design-support/reference-designs/design-examples/di-24-30-w-dc-dc-converter/ .
This has 5V out at 6A and makes 30W. Is there an evaluation board available? Do you have a spreadsheet for evaluating and calculating anywhere, I would like to recalculate the circuit for my very understanding?

I am wondering if I could tune that up to 24V, what do you think about this? Normally I would change the transformer (if there is any..., what would you propose?) and the resistors of the feeback controller which is just a 431 type, and of course such things like C's for the new voltage.

On the other hand: Is there another kit available which has already 24V out?
Best regards

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Hi Wolfgang,

Thank you for considering PI's product.
Regarding your questions:

1. All the reference design kits are available online for purchase, please use the link below to find the evaluation board you need and purchase it online.

2. The full engineering report including spreadsheet can be downloaded from the link below:

3. Yes, you can tune-up to 24V, it shouldn't be an issue, you can use the PIExpert online tool to have the tool calculate the component values for your design. You'll have to register an account to use PIExpert, the link is

Once again, thank you for considering PI's product.
If you have any further question, please let us know.
Thank you!