Can LLC series module LCS70x be used with LCC topology?

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Can LLC series module LCS70x be used with LCC topology instead of LLC?
In theory it looks no obstacles to use it with LCC resonant tank. But can expert confirm this?
Looking for HV ~150W CC, CV power supply with capability of varying regulated output volatge and current in very wide range, so I believe LCC is a way to go .

I'm pretty sure that the LCS series could somehow be made to work with an LCC topology, but you would be pretty much on your own regarding selecting capacitor values and juggling transformer parameters to keep the device out of hard switching.. There are some papers available on the web discussing LCC design, but they are heavy on the analytical content as opposed to the practical.
The LCS has been used in LLC mode in battery charger and LED driver applications with a wide variation in output voltage. Have you looked at those designs?