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Hi guys, I´m new in projects with Switching Power Supplies. I was read the EPR32.pdf and I find a decive to assembly.
This project contais a output with -24v/50mA
How I can swap the voltage to positive and impruve the Iout to 1A?

Thanks to all!!

epr32.pdf2.09 MB


Welcome to power supply design. Do you need single output or multi output ? The application note has multiple outputs and total output power is around 25W peak. Please let me know the design requirements like input voltage range, total power & output voltage, so that I can suggest you best suitable part.

Hi, PI-csbabu!
I need multiples outputs. My ideia its made a power supply with 3v3, 5v and 24v (CC), each with 300mA.
Input 110-220 AC.

I recommend to you latest INNOSwitch series to reduce number of components instead of TOPswitch. In terms of design, use additional 6T stack winding on W5 &W6 to get +24V. Since 24V output delivering more power, close feedback loop on that. Remove w7 and w8. Please use PIexpert tool available online for preliminary design analysis.

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