3-Phase supply

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I need to design a power supply with 3*240VAC (3-phase)  50HZ input with neutral


and output of  5VDC 3A and 3V3DC 0A1


Supply should work when

 -only 1-phase and neutral is present

-with either 2-phases present (neutral gone)


Please can anyone help with the same?


Thanks Regards

Raquib Akolawala

We have design examples for 3 phase designs:



please note above designs use one of our paterns below:


Using PI part granted you to use this concept.

 For your specific system parameters, use can use our PIXL design tools.




Thanks Neela I did go through the whole thing and even checked the pi-expert software.


I went through the list and there are TOP, LINKSWITCH and other which can handle the the required voltage and current.

But can you suggest me as to which IC should be selecting for 3-phase supply.


Also on PI-expert I could not get 3-phase supply. Or am I suppose to input it as HV DC and add the filtering circuit in schematic later.


Thanks Regards

Raquib Akolawala

It depends on what is your application and what is the specific system specs. for example, If you need tigh Vo, TOPswitch or Tiny switch may be your choice. If you need simple implemetation, Link switch could be the choice.