DPA-425 Switch with EKZE series (United Chemi-C)

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    Hello! my design with  DPA425, imput 20v to 58v and 12v 2A output, Pi expert selected low esr capacitors EKZE (electrolytic capacitor).

 My question:

   low esr electrolytic capacitors (EKZE United Chemi-C) recommended by Pi-expert software can operate at 400KHz normally?

   Data Sheets on the DPA425 recommends using low esr capacitors of tantalum.

   But my design uses 12V output.

   Tantalum capacitors in 20V or 25V are very expensive. (16V is very near the 12V)

    I would be very grateful for an answer



You can use other capacitor types with appropriate ESR and capacitance, such as polymer capacitors.