Drive DC Solenoid

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We need a power supply for a pulsed DC solenoid. It would have a 100-230Vac input and 48Vdc output.
You have a circuit that will be a starting point for our design.
I attached an outline of what we would need  

What is the load current?



did you see my response on the load current? We need to do two sources of another 2A and 5A.


From already thank you very much because we're going to need your help.


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Your sketch does not show the peak value of the load current.

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What we need is a simple circuit as shown in AN-37, with very few components. Furthermore, we need the possibility of controlling the pulse that drives the solenoid.


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AN-37 uses LNK-TN which is only good for a few watts.


5A at 48V is almost 250W peak for 50 ms.  


To provide 250W  you will need one of the Hiper products such as HiperTFS or HiperLCS.  And both of them need a PFC front end such as HiperPFS-2.  

2A with peaks of 5A and the other source 0.75A with peaks of 2A