Expanding DI-152 to 1A Output

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I'm looking for an industrial design that works from 18 - 265 VAC.  I found the Design based on the TNY280PN, DI-152 and it fits the bill EXCEPT that it's output is only 600mA.  Is there a way to expand that to 1A?


Any help would be great






With the existing design the peak drain current is 900mA, where as the absolute max current is 1.36A, which was left for safety margin.


It may exceed its absolute max current rating if you redesign it to have 5V, 1A output.


But you can definitely design with TOPSwitch products.


You can design with TOPSwitch-JX product by sizing V pin resistor to turn it on at specified input voltage and disable the OV protection. Here is the link for datasheet.




I was referring to our old TOPSwitch family products from our product archive found one design idea there. But it is a buck converter design; it can definitely be done with isolation. Here is the link for that design and the data sheet






You can do the same thing with TOPSwitch-JX family devices also by sizing V pin resistor.