Help desperate to develop power 172.8 W

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Good night.

I need to develop a power unit that has super reliable and feeding the input of 265VAC to 85Vac mains frequency of 45Hz to 65Hz and output voltage of 48V with 3.6 amps of power with 172.8 wats and has power factor> 0.92 and operating at an ambient temperature of -10 degrees centigrade to +85 degrees centigrade and has low radiated and conducted EMI and be entered enclosed with no ventilation.And looking at the Power of Integration portifolio found the following families who could help me in this project Hiper ™ Family.I am desperate need of help to be able to join the PFC circuit and the circuit LLC in order to develop my source, and to help me if I have aplication notes to indicate the circuit or help me what I need, but I am desperate because my deadlines station increasingly tightening.

I hope your return.

Pls. look here:

That one uses the original HiperPFS.  Bear in mind we now have HiperPFS-2.