High power AC/DC (>1KW) design using HiperPLC without PFC

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    Iam developing a DC uninterrupted power supply solution which has the following specifications.


Input AC mains voltage: 85-265V AC


Output: 24V DC @ 30A


Battery bank: 3 x 12V lead acid batteries, each having 100AH - 180AH capacity


Battery charging current :  12 - 25A (max) @ 42V DC


I intend to use PLC810PG with external MOSFETs for the two AC/DC converters, one for the battery charger and the other for 24V DC power supply to power the load (servers) when main AC power is available.


I want to implement the input PFC , DC-DC converter (to power the load during mains failure) & system monitoring functions with microchip's dsPIC DSC chip. Hence, i would not like to use the PFC controller built in PLC810PG.


As you can see that the two AC-DC converters are required to output 720W & 1050W (for battery charger) of output power. As per the datasheet, i see that it can be used for output power upto 600W. Therefore, i wanted to know whether i can use PLC810PG for the stated output power requirements??

Yes you can use PLC810 for your power requirement, by choosing appropriately sized main LLC MOSFETs.