High power DC-DC converter with PLC810 (without PFC)

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Im working on a DC-DC converter needed in a project for a final product by my company, with the following parameters


Vin = 10 ~14 V

Vout = 250V

Pout = 1350W


I intend to use PLC810 because we need to use external mosfets for that power. However, as this is a DC-DC converter, it doesnt need the PFC mode. What I have to put in the pins related to the PFC? Can I supply the VCC, VCCL, VCCHB pins direct by a DC battery? Can I simply ignore the parameters related to the PFC in the PIXIs Designer?


Thank you.


Connect the VCOMP and IS pins to GND.
The FBP pin needs to see the proper voltage for the LLC section to start up.
VCCHB still needs to be bootstrapped - just like in a high voltage design.
You can power VCC and VCCL from 10~14V.  You still need to use the recommended 5 ohm resistors.