HiperPLC RDK-189

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Is the RDK-189 available?

Sorry but it's sold out.

What is the expected date for more units?

Sorry, there isn't one, the RDK-189 has been obsoleted.
Pls. look at the HiperLCS and HiperPFS products instead of the HiperPLC.

I based on RDR-189 not RDK-189 sample circuit. I cannot able to get Chip HiperPFS. HiperLCS(TFS762) is OK, but not HiperPFS(PFS729). HiperPLC(PLC810) is available always.

TFS762 is HiperTFS which is a 2-switch forward controller + MOSFETs. HiperLCS is LCS70x, which is an LLC controller + MOSFETs.

Pls. contact your local sales representatives and distributors for samples of HiperPFS:


Yes, I did. I contacted with our local distributors already but I was told no sample of HiperPFS(PFS729).

What I want is output voltage 27.0V 8-10A. Input power 110V-230V 50HZ.