Isolated dc to dc converter

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I want to design isolated DC to DC converter. I searched and find out DPA426R IC, is matched for our application. But there is query about DPA426R. 

First I explain my application requirements.

1. Isolated DC to DC converter.

2. Vin min =20V and max = 24V.

3. Vout i) Output 1 = 5V/ 7A.

         ii) Output 2 = 12V/2A 


1. Can DPA426R is capable to deliver Vout in single supply.

2. Or could I separate Vout in two independent supplies.

3. If not, suggest another IC.


I am waiting for your reply. 



It can be done by having multiple outputs on the  transformer. 


But only one output will be tightly regulated, where as the other one is cross regulated output.


If you want to have better regulation use a post regulator for second output or use two independent power supplies.


If you don't need isolation and need good regulation it is better to use two independent supplies with buck configuration.