Looking for an off the self heat sink, mounting clip solution for an LCS702HG

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Anybody have a source for an off the self, heat sink and mounting clip for an LCS702HG?


I can’t seem to locate a source for the heat sink clip identified as an Aavid Thermalloy NP975864 in the 150W HiperLCS Evaluation board bill of materials. I would prefer to find a standard heat sink and mounting clip solution instead of going the custom route. It seems difficult to find a stock heat sink and clip that will work with the LCS70XHG


Any references to a heat sink and clip manufacturer you have used in a design would be greatly appreciated.




you can find a example of off the shelf heat sink and clip on one design example: RD236.




Heatsink Hardware, Edge Clip, 20.76 mm L x 8

mm W x 0.015 mm Thk NP975864 Aavid Thermalloy


heat sink example:

HEATSINK, Alum, TO–220, TO218, 4.4 Deg C

per Watt, Screw Type mounting with pins, L

1.00" (25.4mm), W 1.65" (41.91 mm) H 1.500"

(38.1 mm)

6398BG Aavid Thermaloy

The NP975864 Aavid doesn't appear to be a valid part number.  Most other clips offered by Aavid won't hold the LCS702HG because they expect a thicker device like a TO220.  The challenge is to find a clip/heatsink that will hold the LCS702HG tightly and parallel to the heat sink and still line up in the center of the LCS702HG body at the right height, etc.  There are many stock heat sinks that will work, but I have been unable to locate a clip that will work with the heat sinks.  The NP975864 Aavid clip would work, but like I said, it no longer appears to be a valid part.


But, thank you for the reply.