Somethings are wrong in PI Expert software in high power supplies?!

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Hi Guys 

first let me explain my spec. :

input: 195-265VAC @ 50Hz

output: 12V 12A

Switching Frequency:  66kHz 

Open case

Input Cap 180uF


--I designing a 12V 12A power supply with TOP250 , but something is very stange that the secondery winding is JUST 5 turns 125um copper foil !!! 

  does you guys think the software has determined correctly the number of secondery turn? because i think how is it possible to make 12V with just 5 turns?!! 


-- also , i wanna change copper foil secondry  to the multi wire , i change the the spec. in edit design but it looks like the software can not determine the equal multi wire instead copper foil , 

please tell me how can i change the copper foil which determined 125um to the 4 or 5 muliwinding wire?


-- software could not find a schotkey diode for secondry winding (it's undefinded) , what part number(s) are good for my application?


-- i wanna use an EE35-41 Core , but there is NO core like that , so i have to design by my self in leberary list 

please tell me what is LEmm2 , BWmm , LTmm and BFWmm spec. , becuase there is NO info about these spec.  in Datasheet 

how can i mesure these spec. ?!


I have atached my  PIexpert result 

Await for your replaies






CV-12V-12A.uds228 KB

Yes, secondary turns sounds correct. You have to appreciate the voltusec/turn (Webers) and core area and flux density is  reasonable as is availble to review  in PIXLS design tool.  PIXLS does in fact  have the parameters for EE35 core.