suitable transformer core and bobbin

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My design requires a 250V Primary to 20kV secondary. similar to old style TV flybacks. AC output not DC.

As a result I need a transformer that is layer wound to prevent flashover and corona problems etc.

 The design requires variable frequency 20kHz to 100kHz and nominally 150W power.


Are any of your cores and bobbins suitable for this application ?

Which of your guides should I start with ?

Will PIexpert help me with this design. It seems like its for low voltage DC only ?

The HiperLCS seems like the most applicable device ?


Thanks, Mark...

I was really hoping the HiperLCS woudl do the job.

I've tried the  PI expert tool but it will not give stable results with 20kV secondaries. Even as a second unregulated winding.

And 9000 turns of 32AWG won't fit on the suggested bobbins.

9K turns also seems very high. 3500 turns is closer to what I usually use.


Do you have any suggestions of now to approach using  the software for large voltage secondaries ?

OK thanks to tip from the PI-Expert s/w forum - I've looked into the HiperPLC instead.

It gives much more reasonable results and looks more promising.


Any feedback still greatly appreciated... ?



You will have to use sectionalised bobbin for meeting the safety requirements.


But we do not have any such cores or bobbins with us as of now.


Please contact one of our FAE's in your geographical region. They will be able to help you with the design


Please find our sales offices at following location