TOP 266EG Power supply

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We made one power supply by using Top 266EG, its not take desiged power,ckt diagram made by power int sftware only.


No of outputs 15V,3A ; 5V , 1A; 15V,1A

I/p range 85-265AC 




Logesh - 


I don't understand your question.  Can you please explain in more detail what problems you're having?  Can you also attach your PI Expert design files?



-The Traveler



By using power int software  we designed power supply for 15V,3A; 5V,1A  and 5v, 1A. its having 3 outputs...


v got the output voltage as we designed.but its not taking load. means voltage getting dip.


can u tell me what are the changes need to be done....or which part i need to concentrate.


otherwise send some application note for 15V,3A; 5V,1A  and 5v, 1A.(isolated) outputs. 


pls do the needful 




This isn't enough information to help with your questions.  


Can you please send me the following:

- the files from your PI Expert design

- A PDF of your PCB layout

- A PDF of your circuit schematic (if it is significantly different than shown in PI expert)

- Some better information about what conditions cuase the poor load regulation.



-The Traveler