TOP264 not enough power

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Hello, I'm trying to find similar problems but nothing I could not.
the question is, I develop the power supply where you want to get the 5v - 1A and 24v - 0.2A. I achieved the first requirement but the 24 - 0.2 in any way, without a load, I have 34v, 100mA load on the 34v is just 12v and 0.2 mA at about 6v. First R6 = 14k, these readings were even worse, the best solution was to R6 = 7.1k but that's not enough, please tell me what's my fault.
with the calculation of the transformer like all true.

I can see from schematic that you have no feedback from 24V output so only 5V is regulated and in this case resistor divider must regulate to 5V. If you want better regulation on 24V output you need to split DC feedback between +5V and +24V output. If you do this you need to find how much from 5V and how much from 24V is fed to TL431. Also, you probably need some kind of preload resistor on +24V output.

Thanks, I did feedback on 5 and 24 but can not understand why the 24 sags so low now it is clear that the need to add the load. Now like everything fell into place, it seems this was the problem. Thank you again!

you are welcome...

And one more question.
Code I shared feedback between 24 and 5, where it expected to get 24 and 36 no-load to the load was 9, with the introduction of this load, I understand I have all the time will be 9, and I need 24, it is to be achieved by adding a vitvkov transformer (line 24) or a divider is achieved?