Need help to choose proper LED driver IC

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For the following requirement please suggest the proper driver IC:
1. Input AC:85-245V 50Hz
2. Regulated DC output: 12V 3A(max)

Thank you


Hi Ravikiran
Thanks for your interest on Power Integrations LED products. I would like to know if your requirement is isolated or non-isolated LED driver.


looking for a LED Driver IC (DC to DC) that has the following requirements:
Device Topology: Buck (Step Down) constant current, Input Voltage Min: 24V , Input Voltage Max: 42V , Output Voltage Min: 18V, Output Voltage Max:42V, Output Current Max: 2-3A (External mosfet), Switching Frequency: >500kHz No. of Outputs: 1 , IC Mounting: SMD, PWM dimming

Hi Jamal,
We don't have LED driver controller products for DC-DC applications. Our products are mostly for AC-DC power conversion ranging from 85VAC-320VAC. You can check on below link for our LED driver IC products.

Hi Mark
Thank you for the kind reply.
I am looking for an isolated supply with the previously mentioned specification.
Also, I wanted to know that could you verify our schematic and layout once we are through with the design?