Comparison of TOPSwitch-GX vs TOPSwitch-JX

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Good day!

Can I request a summarized comparison matrix of electrical parameters/characteristics between TOPSwitch-GX vs TOPSwitch-JX?
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Thank you!
Jaypee Perey

TOPSwitch - GX is not recommended for new designs , Replacement for TOPSwitch GX is TopSwitch-JX .
We would like to understand why do you want to use TOPSwitch-GX

Hello..That's the reason why I'd like to know what parameters they differ between each others. We are using TOPSwitch-GX in our PCBA. Since it is now in NRND status, we are looking for replacement for it with the same functionality & electrical characteristics. If you will be able to give us the comparison matrix that I am requesting then we will be able to evaluate/assess if -JX is qualified as alternative for -GX. Looking forward for your response again. Thank you.

Without knowing what features are important in you current design, or even what your current design is, such a matrix would not be very useful.

GX and JX are not exactly drop-in compatible, as the package types and pin arrangements are different for both families. Having said that, the F pin and X pin functions are quite similar, The X pin is better specified in the JX family.

For TOP-JX, you will need a higher value resistor for the UV/OV pin, as the currents have been reduced to get better no-load power consumption. I'm pretty sure you could use the same transformer for a JX design as in your current GX application, as long as you keep the same operating frequency. No -load consumption and light load efficiency should be better for a JX design.
Data sheets for both GX and JX have tables for pin functionality so that you compare the functions you are currently using for your GX design with what is available on the JX.

A productive approach for determining JX suitability for your app may be to get a JX evaluation board from one of our distributors or through your local representative. That way you have a fully functioning circuit for evaluation.

Such comparison table which I hope you can provide will give me easier to determine the differences between GX and JX in summary. I think that thing can be a preliminary base for supposing JX is a compatible replacement to GX upon comparing, except with being not similar in package type. But anyway, thank you for the information you've given the last time.