DER-580 in PIXIs designer and PI Experts suit optimisation differs for same design.

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I am designing a charger model based on DER-580. For optimisation I have used PI expert suit of version 10.2. After that I have used PIXIs designer software v10.2 for optimisation of same DER-580. Later that, I have verified both circuits and found that transformer used for both circuits are not unique.
why I am getting such a difference for PI's design DER-580 in both PIXI's and PI Expert suit v10.2.?
In original design of DER-580 preferred core is PQ26/25. In PIXIs and in PI expert different cores are offered other than PQ26/25. Why such a difference in transformer design?

Hi deva,

Not all cores are available for PI Expert and PI XLS. PI Expert generally has a larger selection of cores and it does have PQ26/25 in the database, but the PQ26/25 is currently not supported for a TopSwitch-JX charger as in DER-580. I think that it should be supported and we will work on including it in the future.

But you do not need to wait for us to add support for the cores, because you can add custom cores into both PI XLS and PI Expert.

On page 26 of DER-580, you can see that it is already using a Custom Core Type. Just copy the values in the grey cells into PIXLS Designer to use the same core.

To add custom cores into PI Expert, if you are using PI Expert Online, go to the "Component Library" on the Home Page, just below "Open Design".

There is a video tutorial for adding components at
You will have to scroll down to the middle, enable Flash, and then select the "Component Library" video.

There is also a help page on the topic:

Once you add a Custom Core with the right parameters, you will be able to select it in your PI Expert design. Let me know if that addresses your issue.