Dual Power supply design

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I want to design dual power supply with one output as 5V and 2 A current and second output as 5 V a and 200 mA current. Kindly suggest reference design for this requirement.

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Hello Sugomi,
Thank you for your response. I tried working out few combinations in PI expert suite for my required design. I got following results attached in files. Please let me know if they would do fine. I had previously designed single power supply of 10 W using Linkswitch-3. I have question about which family of PI AC-DC converter is best in terms of efficiency and overall BOM cost for dual power supply having specifications - 5V , 2A and 5V , 200 mA.

Hi omkar@utopia,

Do you specifically need an isolated design like flyback? or can you use a buck topology instead?
I have noticed that both outputs are 5V , do you really need dual output or can you consider a single output design instead?

Please see recomendations below:

You can use InnoSwitch3-CE or InnoSwitch3-EP



you can also use TinySwitch3 or TinySwitch 4

Hello PI-Phlox,
Thank you for your response . Yes we require isolation in our design. Since we are using isolated RS485 transceiver in our design which works on 5V along with our digital and communication circuit, we require 5V in both dual outputs with 2A and 200 mA current capacity respectively.
design - https://ac-dc.power.com/design-support/reference-designs/design-examples/der-752-15watt-dual-output-power-supply-with-high-standby-efficiency/
looks somewhat closer to our requirement. Kindly guide us about selection of design using PI expert. Any documentation about dual power supply in PI expert will be helpful.

Hi omkar@utopia,

Since your requirement is now clear, and you only need around 11W, I recommend you to use
InnoSwitch3-CE or InnoSwitch3-CP , you can login to our PIExpert tool online, you can start by selecting PI-Expert and select RM6 core or bigger depending on your board size requirements and this will provide you with sample dual output design

Hope this helps.

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