Isolated flyback AC -DC converter with power factor correction

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I am trying to design an Isolated Flyback AC-DC converter, with output power around 20W. One of the main requirements of this design is a good power factor (>0.9).
What would be the best choice of flyback controller from power integration to do this job.

I have seen LNK6766 series controllers, does this have the PFC option.

Please suggest


Thank you for your interest in PI products. I would like to know below information.
What is the input voltage range ?
Output voltage and no of outputs?
What is the input voltage and load at >0.9 PF?
What is the end application?

Input range : 90 - 200VAC
output : single output,17.2 V, 1.2A
need to achieve a PF >0.9 at 115V assuming full load.
end application is lighting.

Please let me know if you need any further information/clarification.


Hi Bhargav,

Please refer to Lytswitch-5 family. It is a single stage PFC with CC control for LED applications and delivers upto 25W output power with power factor >0.9.

Is this only restricted to LED applications? or it can be used as a power supply in general.
in our case the load will be LEDs but just to understand your suggestion more clearly.

Thank you!

Hi Bhargav,

It can operate in CC mode only and no CV operation. So you cant use as a general power supply.


is there any controller which operates in isolated flyback topology, achieves PF>0.9 and fits in the requirements that I have mentioned earlier, irrespective of the end load?

in short that should be more like a power supply rather than end load dependent solution.

Thank you very much!

Hi Bhargav,

We don't have controller offering >0.9 p.f independent of end application.