TinySwitch-4 production lifetime

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Hello PI...

I'm trying out the TinySwitch-4 (tny290K - eSOP-12b) for a long term project and is wondering about the lifetime of the TinySwitch family.
Indications form e.g. SiliconExpert shows EOL in 5 years.

What is the expected roadmap for the TinySwitch-4?

Hi MFog,
As of today we don’t plan any EOL of this product in the next 5 years. This is Gen 4 of the TinySwitch family. The Gen 1 was released 20 years ago and is still active.

Generally PI will not discontinue products that Customers are still buying. If for any reason PI decides to end a product, we give 2 years advance notice to Customers to find alternative. I hope that helps.