Single Cell Lead Acid Battery Charger

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Dear sir,
We are in the process of designing a Battery charger for a Single Cell (2.1V) Lead Acid Battery with the current rating of 3 Amps maximum. The charger has to cut-off automatically once the cell is charged.
Can you please suggest us a suitable Power Integration Device for the above charger design?
Also can you please provide us a reference design or an application note for the above requirement?
with regards,
Chief Executive
Embit Technologies,


Currently we have no reference designs for 2.1V but we can give guidance on how to do it.

We would need to know what is exactly meant by “charger has to cut-off automatically”. Normally Lead Acid battery chargers are float chargers which means once the voltage of the cell/battery reaches the target voltage, the charging current drops and the charger stays at the cell/battery voltage. A very weak current continues to flow and that current is just the leakage current of the battery. This enables the battery to stay charged at all times. Is the customer expecting something different that will disconnect the battery from the charger such as a relay?