Cannot Get Transformer Parameters to show in PIXL

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In PIXL I am unable to specify the transformer when workign with the HiperTFS2 family.  I have a design in PIXL for which I wish to make magnetics, but the transformer parameters tab that I see in the litterature is not present at the bottom of my spread sheet.  (See attached)

Please help.  Thanks, 

PIXL missing Transformer Tabs.png105.62 KB

Transformer/Inductor construction was never supported by PIXLS for the Hiper family simply because the spreadsheet has all the information required for a first cut design. In case you have specific questions, feel free to upload your spreadsheet.

I agree that all of the information needed to create a transformer is contained in the PIXI file, however when I attempted to get a transformer prototype constructed through the rapid transformer Sample service I was informed that I needed to provide the "Transformer Document".  When I asked for clarification, I received no follow-up response. Below is the email from the Rapid Transformer Prototype Service.  Please help me to create the data in the format they need to create the transformers for the design in PIXI.

Email follows:

From: Kevin Majeski [] On Behalf Of rtss
Sent: Monday, November 16, 2015 3:56 PM
To: Jason Beens <>; rtss <>
Subject: RE: Rapid Transformer Sample Request - EER35,16pins

Dear Designer,

RTSS is not able to build a transformer based on the PIXls file for Hiper Products.  You will have to provide the transformer document.


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