HinnoSwitch3 - Multiple output transformer design

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I'm developing a flyback (universal input) with two outputs, one 5 Volt 1 Amp and a 30V 0.9 Amp (32 Watt)

I'm using PIxls to design the transformer. I don't understand how the spredsheet has to be compiled.

For example, the output voltage field should be 5V or 30V? and the current field should be a value that multiplied for the voltage field give the total output power?

Is there an application note showing how to design a multiple output transformer?


Hi Matteo, thanks for the question.
I assume you are using CE part. Than the latest PIXLS available is ACDC_InnoSwitch3-CE_Flyback_060519; Rev.1.4.
In line 8 VOUT you enter 5, in line 10 you enter 6.4 as per the total power current.
In line 128 IOU1 you enter 1 as per the first output load current.
In line 144 VOUT2 you place the second output Voltage 30, and finally in line 145 IOUT2 you place the 0.9 second output load current.
For more user friendly approach, schematic, etc.. please use the PIExpert.