European Commission Steps Up Ecodesign Directive Activity

Mon, 11/24/2014 - 10:51 -- MrGreen

During recent months, progress has been made in multiple areas of the European Commission’s (EC) Ecodesign Directive, including preparatory studies, current regulation revisions, and the 2015-2017 Working Plan development. Here’s a quick summary of some key activities.

As discussed in an earlier Mr. Green Blog, the EC’s Ecodesign Directive 2015-2017 Working Plan study is in its final stages in determining future products for efficiency standard consideration. The study’s Task 4 report has recently been published, focusing on product groups selected for deeper analysis (including mobile phones, wireless chargers, and photo-voltaic inverters). The plan is expected to be completed by January 2015. For more information on status and products being considered, click here.

The EC recently sent a Draft Commission regulation to the World Trade Organization, proposing to amend two lighting regulations - (EC) 44/2009 (Ecodesign requirements for non-directional household lamps and (EU) 1194/2012 (Ecodesign requirements for directional lamps, light emitting diode lamps and related equipment). It also proposes combining these and one other lighting regulation (EC) 245/2009 (Ecodesign requirements for tertiary lighting) into a single regulation. The draft can be downloaded here.

Earlier this month, the EC published draft reviews of the current Ecodesign regulations for TVs (Lot 5) and other types of displays (Lot 3). The review work has been going on for approximately two years. The drafts will be discussed in the Consultants Form in mid-December. The Ecodesign working document, Energy Labeling working document, and Explanatory notes can be downloaded here.

Additional preparatory study task reports have recently been published for power cables and servers. Both product lots hosted stakeholder meetings in the 4th quarter of this year.

To download copies of all published Ecodesign Implementing Measures and Voluntary Agreements, and Draft Regulations, visit the Power Integrations’ Ecodesign Directive webpage.