Other Asia/Pacific

Agency: Australia Department of Industry
Location: Australia

The Department of Climate Change was established on 3 December 2007 as part of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Portfolio. The department is committed to developing programs and initiatives to support householders, industry, and the community to save energy and reduce emissions.

Agency: Bureau of Energy Efficiency
Location: India

India set up Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) on 1st March 2002 under the provisions of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001. The mission of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency is to assist in developing policies and strategies with a thrust on self-regulation and market pri nciples, within the overall framework of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001 with the primary objective of reducing energy intensity of the Indian economy.

Agency: The Energy Conservation Center of Japan's (ECCJ) Energy Saving Labeling Program
Location: Japan

The voluntary Energy Saving Labeling Program was launched on August 21, 2000, allowing consumers to compare energy efficiencies of like products when making a purchase.

Agency: ECCJ's Top Runner Program
Location: Japan

The Top Runner Program was introduced in 1999 as a countermeasure to reduce energy consumption in civil sector and transportation sector. This program is the standard of energy efficiency for products and applied to 23 products of machinery, equipment and vehicles prescribed under the Energy Conservation Law.

Agency: Korea Energy Mangement Corporation (KEMCO)
Location: Korea

KEMCO carries out the national task of reducing greenhouse gases as the principal cause of global warming including efficient use of energy and supply of new renewable energy.