DC-DC Booster

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We are in need of a DC-DC booster for a LED Driver with the following specifications.
1. Input Voltage: 12VDC
2. Output Voltage: 12-50VDC
3. Output Current: 5A
4. Power requirement: More than 110~150W
Please suggest the best design and if available a reference design.

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Hi jeremyF,

Thank you for your interest in using Power Integrations product.

Right now we have reference designs for 150W LED applications. The output current may vary from your requirement. Please see below links from www.power.com. You can also use the search bar of the webpage if you might need to look for more helpful keywords. Thank you!

1. https://led-driver.powerint.cn/design-support/reference-designs/design-examples/der-648-150-w-power-factor-corrected-llc/

2. https://led-driver.powerint.cn/design-support/reference-designs/design-examples/rdr-292-reference-design-report-150-w/

3. https://led-driver.powerint.cn/design-support/reference-designs/design-examples/rdr-382-150-w-power-factor-corrected-llc/