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Imposible add core EFD 30 in desighn PI Expert on line . Error:Problem: Cannot find suitable component (Transformer ID) in the selected component set (dgv).
Fix: Please add components required by design or use default component set. There is no EFD 30 in default component set. How add it?

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Dear dgvol,

Thank you for choosing Power Integrations.

To add a core, please use this help:
I believe the instruction is easy to follow.

Please keep your questions coming, in case, this does not help.



Hello: I am currently designing a supply using the INN2904K. This part does not appear to be supported in PI Expert. Are there any plans to support designs with this part in PI Expert? Regards, Bob

Dear EngineerBOB311,

We already have it posted.
Kindly look for it online:

It is labeled as InnoSwitch-EP900V Flyback.