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Dear pi,
Add support to all family of ac-dc converter till date ,let user decide to go for it or not unlike current condition where you are forcing to go for latest family only even though older family ics are discontinued by you.
We still have lots of them like tny264,top246yn in our stock but currently not supported by pi expert , do you expect us to throgh them out and again spend money on your new family knowning that tomorrow you will also remove it design from your software. This makes highly unreliable to use your products in our project since you can anytime discontinues it by force.

We have to shift for different make if you dont make your software compactible for all families or atleat provide link to download older versions to enable us to make use of huge stock of such ics else we will shift to viper series


Dear rane_ulhas,

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your business and hear your concern. Regarding older products that have been archived in our tool, one can request activation keys to enable support for them. As an example, please refer to other user threads where support for the TOP-GX has been enabled through an activation key.

As we develop products in new technologies with higher performance and value, a focus on designing with these newer devices is inevitable, as we hope to deliver those benefits to our customers. That said, there are many historical products that we do continue to support for the reasons you mentioned.