PI Expert Suite 10.1 64-bit

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All new designs for family TOPSwitch-HX, package YN (TO-220) are opened with TOP25xYN, and list of substitution consist TOP254YN - TOP258YN only.
I have few drivers TOP246YN - TOP249YN, old files from previous version of PI Expert are opening with new one without problems.
How it's possible to make new designs in 10.1 version bases on TOP24xYN series?

Hello Ajsn3,

Unfortunately, the Product you were using (TOP246YN-TOP249YN) is part of the TOP-GX family and is no longer supported in the current PI Expert version. What is currently supported is TOP-HX and TOP-JX only. But I before making the TOP-GX obsolete, I believe they have included some compatibility feature so that old designs made using TOP-GX will automatically be converted into a TOP-HX design.