Lithium Ion Battery Pack Charger Design

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I need help in designing 84V 10A and 840W power output SMPS from AC to DC with 85-265VAC@50Hz input. I am having troubles with LLC-HB design calculations.

Hi MilindR,

Good day. May we know what is the specific trouble you are encountering with? Thank you very much.


I am working for a startup company in India called Ultraviolette Automotive . We will be launching our high performance all electric motorcycle by the end of this year. The motorcyle that we are launching would be by performance comparable to a 250cc sports ICE motorcycle and would be launched all over india , starting with initial launch at Bangalore and supported by fast charging infrastructure stations.

We are also looking for a quick turnaround and reliable solution for a portable compact personal battery charger that we would be supplying as accessory with every bike sold. The requirement is 150VAC to 270VAC input, Output 28V to 60V CV mode and CC mode limited to power level of 600W output power.. Can you guide me to suitable application notes where PI would be able to provide a solution to meet these electrical requirements. If possible , request you to ask your application support team to contact me at my mobile 9686689827 or email me to

Hi Ganesh,

Thank you very much for considering Power Integrations product for your project. We will contact you shortly through your email to further discuss your inquiry.