PIXIS designer. Custom transformer

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Hi there,
I'm designing a power supply with the TOP261YN. so I have to use the Excel sheet to simulate the design.

The excel suggest me a transformer. BUT I WOULD LIKE change some parameters:
- The gap distance.
- The primary turns.
- The biggest transformer size is ETD39. I would like to choose a ETD44 but is not in your database.

What I have to do to change this parameters?

thanks a lot

Hello Albert,

Thank you for considering Power Integrations in your design. I would like to help but before we can start, can you send the spreadsheet that you are working on please? We need this so we can talk about the same cells that needs to be edited. But as a quick answer to your queries,

- the gap distance cannot be changed, I believe, since it is auto-computed.
- For the primary turns, you cannot directly change the cells but you can vary it using the VOR parameter.
- For the core, there is a "Custom" option in case the core you want to use is not available. However, you would need to manually input the various parameters such as Ae, Le, etc.

Hope this helps.