TOP258PN - 10W power supply design

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Dear sir,

I am designing following power supply

IP dc voltage - 100 to 400V
Single Op Voltage - 350Vdc @30mA

Please find attached my circuit diagram & transformer details.

Problem :

My power supply not starting, it will on and off continuously.

PDF_for_KRP_MULTI_OP_V1.0.pdf36.07 KB
transformer_Details.txt65 byte


Thank you for considering Power Integrations for your solution.

Do you find that the startup problem occurs at all load conditions including no-load? Monitoring the voltage across C49 can help identify if at least the supply voltage is up before AR event

Best Regards,

Thank you for your reply,
Yes, it is not staring at any load condition including no load.
I observed the waveform of C49 and it is sawtooth, not smooth dc. I have increased turn ratio of Aux winding but still not starting power supply.

I request you to give all design of 350VDC 30mA including transformer.
so I can complete my project earlier.
I am designing this power supply for an industrial printer.