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we have design 12V 1A smps using Tinyswitch-2 now i want to design 12V 1A smps using Tinyswitch-4.
whats the major difference between Tinyswitch-2 and Tinyswitch-4 ?
how i can get 5V more than 1A output using same design by making some changes in it.
Thanks in advanced.
sadik pinjari.

please i need help on switch mode power supply with three phase input and 3 isolated outputs 12v 280mA, 5v 175mA and 12v 100mA by using tinyswitch. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Sadik,

Thank you for considering Power Integrations for your solution.
Some of the major differences between TinyII and Tiny4 is that in Tiny4, the value fo the Bypass capacitor can be used to choose the current limit for the design.Tiny2 has a 700V rated Mosftet while Tiny4 has a 750V rated Mosfet.
Please refer to the product datasheets for information regarding your specific application.

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Hi Olowookere,

Thank you for considering Power Integrations for your solution,
Listed below are a few of our Design Example Reports/ Design Ideas for Multiple Isolated Outputs:

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