Tips to convert Constant Voltage Design

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How to convert constant current design(LNK 416) schematic to constant voltage ?

LinkSwitch-PH is the constant current LED driver based on that the output voltage is fixed by the LED voltage itself in the LED driver application.

If you need to have constant voltage device, you might want to use all other PI products including TOPSwitch and TinySwitch.

ThANKS.which device should i use for Constant voltage,i worked on LNK605PG for 3W, TNY267PN For 6W,TNY280PN,LNK-PH Designs for 50W , Now i am Curious about constant voltage design,can i make changes in the design of LNK-Ph so that it should work as constant voltage..

It is not recommended to use LNKPH for Constant Voltage design.

Then which device should for constant voltage topology??

For 50 W CV mode design, it is recommended to use TOPSwitch-JX,