CV/CC driver Convert to CC Driver

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Dear Forum


 what is principale of convert Constant Voltage/ Constant Current (CV/CC) Driver to only constant curernt(CC) Driver?

for Example  in di173.pdf   if remover Zener Diode VR2 Can to Obtain This Goal? 


You are correct that DI173 circuit will be CC driver only if you removed VR2.

Also you might want to check Linkswitch-PH or LinkSwitch-PL devices, which are CC only driver with high Power Factor.

if i use DI173 Circuit as CC Driver , and i want to use  LED *1 Watt , with 350ma Current and Vf for each LED is 3.4 volt , How many Maximum  and How many Minimum   LED I can Drive ? what Elements value  in DI173 circut should be change for my application?


Since DI-173 is 14W-20 V LED driver, it can drive parallel connected two sets of 6 LED's, which are connected in series.

Other combination of LED's will require T1 and R7 changes in DI-173.