shunt regulator problem on DER298 application example of lnk419

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please help shunt regulator in DER298(attached herein) is not working. The current output is much larger at 220Vac......I should have the same current output at universal input.

I made the same circuit as the DER298 suggested.
please help.....

Please attach your schematic and inductor design.

Also what is your output voltage?

please see the attachment. The attached files are from DER298 from design samples of LNK419

Are you trying to duplicate DER298 ?

Do you need DER298 gerber file?

Yes, I am trying to duplicate it then after I got everything right,then I might increase it to 23W. I already made the pcb board.

If you have a gerfile for troubleshooting better to send it.

The gerber file is available in the

RD298 folder.