Universal 10 Watt LED Driver

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sir i am working on a design based on rdr 251.i want to implement it using LNK 460. on going through the refrence design based on LNK-460 i found the circuit is diffrent from fig-1 shown in an-50 and also they does not include transformer. i have attached my PIXI's Designer spreadsheet.Please guide me further.


LinkSwitch-PL Design1.xls26.5 KB

In your spreadsheet, you selected No on dimming application. You may use RD-251 as base schematic but you need to remove the active damper and bleeder circuits for non-dimming application. The information shown in PIXLS will help in designing the transformer ( the number of turns, core, inductance, etc- already given). Other parameters you also need to change include current sense resistor, OVP circuit, and you may need to optimize primary and secondary clamps. AN-50 could guide you on the design process. Let me know if you need further help.