isolate source 20w output 78V/300mA for LED driver T8

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Dear Sri,

 We have 2 project for LED driver 20W and 10 W, Please kindly see detail below. 


   - First project  input : 220Vac , Output voltage 78Vdc ,300mA 20W (T8)

   - Second project  input : 220Vac , Output voltage 78Vdc ,140mA 10W 

   - use PWM dimmable.


 I would like to use LinkSwith - PH for this project, so would request give me the spreadsheet design start with the design.


 Thank you & Best Regards,



Kindly utilize the PI-Expert/ PIXLS Designer 8 for your design. Please check DER-263 for pwm dimming.

Dear sri,


Would you please help to check Schematic and spreadsheet design it's suitable or not?


Specification : Input 230V Output 68V280mA 


Application : LED driver T8  


 Thank You & Best Regards,




On your first post, the title mentioned about "Isolated Source". The attachments you just provided are for non-isolated applications. If you need isolation, please use flyback configuration using LinkSwitch-PH. I have searched some DERs to get you started for isolated T8 design. Please check DER256 and DER318. You can then create a PIXLS design based on LinkSwitch-PH Flyback topology and use these two DERs as reference.


For PWM dimming, please check this previous thread for some pointers:

If it's PWM-Analog dimming, then refer to DER263.