Problem in BOM of DER337

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Dear PI!
I have question about DER337:
For inductor L4 is used SRR1280-271K from Bourns.
But Bourns specifications for such types inductors don't has information  about maximum operating voltage.

I guess such type inductor not applicable for high voltage circuit about 400VDC.

What do you think about this problem?


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Inductor is normally rated in terms of current and not voltage because it's the current that determines whether the inductor operates within the allowed flux density and avoid core saturation.


Yes of course! You are right!

But I kept in mind electric strength between leads of SRR1280 and electric strength of inductor's winding.

Coilcraft specifiy voltage rate for some type inductors (RFB series).

I send you article from Coilcraft about inductors voltage rating.

Operating the inductor at this voltage level is normally Ok. But to be sure, I have sent an inquiry to Bourns to confirm its suitability at 400V voltage stress level.