Problem Kit RDR195

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I measue all pin have value flow datasheet, but i not run. anybody help me?

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Please check the transformer windings orientation. On your schematic, you should interchange pin 1 and pin 11 in order for the converter to work in flyback configuration. Please refer to the transformer design of RD-195 for guidance.

We make sample transformer for test in China. we have problem: size wire, material Core and tape different.

how can we make a new transformer following the specifications of the material we can find with our transformer manufacturer.

You may use PIXLS spreadsheet to modify the transformer design. This design spreadsheet is part of PI Expert Software which you can download for free on PI website. Link:

Once you install the software, please navigate to Power Integrations Folder and you can find PIXLS Designer 8. Click new and select LinkSwitch-PH. A new spreadsheet will appear which you can now use to modify your design.