CC circuit

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Hi, I am going to design a Led Driver 48V@350mA using TNY280PN , so need to add CC circuit ,so please tell me how to design CC ,and what should be the rating of transistor and about its regulation ?

Will be it within 10% or not ?


I don't want to use LKN-PH device. 


Pls suggest assp.



 You can check the link below for a CC circuit using TinySwitch-III 



In DI-173 , transistor being used is of 40V and U2 is LM321, can we have the CC ckt with the help of two or three transistor MMST2222 , but my o/p is of 40V@350mA .

Please guide me, I want to go with transistor only. 

Please suggest assp.



Thanks for your prompt response. 




DER35 with link below can be used using single transistor and a zener diode.


If you need a low drop cc, pls refer to the link below